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(reply to KrisP612)

Sorry for the delay KrisP612, I wasn't receiving my emails and thought there was nothing going on here on EmpoweHer! Boy was I an idiot, I have missed so much in the last month alone!

Anyway, Cytomel is the synthetic T3, but of course before discussing this type of medication with your doctor he needs to check what your Free T3 and Free T4 levels are. Many people with hypothyroidism do convert the T4 just fine, but there are many other tests available other than the TSH to inform you and your doctor of just what your body is doing.

The most important thing is finding a doctor you not only trust, but one that will work with you to find the right dosages of the right medications to get you feeling well again. Very frustrating, but well worth it. I know the first time my primary told me I didn't need to have my hormones tested because I didn't even know which ones (his words, and not in a nice manner) I ended my relationship with him.

There is so much information now a days for those of us who are hypothyroid, it is hard to know which to follow. The best thing to do is realize that this can and most likely will be an adjustment to your lifestyle (diet and such), and we must treat the disease as such.

I wish you the best of luck, and please feel free to join us over at the online support group! (Of course now that I am again aware there is alot of activity going on over there!) :)

Best Regards,


November 29, 2011 - 7:35pm


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