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Hello, Sorry that you are also going through the uncomfortable sypmptoms of menopause. A am 45 and going through menopause also. It's been 4 months now without a cycle. The past three yrs. I awoke numerous times a night soaking wet and having to change nightclothes. That seems to have subsided some now since the cycle has stopped, thankfully. I do get very overheated during the day now at times though. I also get terrible cramping sometimes and often times feel like a rabid dog w the irratic moods. I also am not a candidate for hormonal therapy and do not know that I would want it even if I were. Health Food stores do carry many herbal and natural remedies for menopausal symptoms which are very helpfull. I will not mention any by name because there are often interactions with other meds people may be on and some research is needed before starting any new supplement to ensure it does not interact badly with current meds. I do recommend going to a health food store and buying a better brand of any supplement due to the fact that supplements are not controlled by the FDA and many on the market at drug stores or such may not be a quality supplement and may not actually contain much of the supplement it claims to be. I found that when it comes to herbal-natural remedies, it does pay to buy the better brands at a store that specializes in them. Just remember to research before taking anything new. 'Well Wishes.

August 19, 2011 - 9:38pm


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