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(reply to Holy Hormones)

THANK YOU for mentioning progesterone! I was scrolling through the comments in search of anyone who disagreed with this article and its fixation with dosing women with artificial hormones. Fortunately, you beat me to it, and in a thorough way.

I took Dr. John Lee's ProgesterAll cream for the entire 5 years I was in menopause. Within a couple of days my hot flashes subsided to a minimum, my insomnia stopped, and I felt clear in my mind again.


And it wasn't just me. I gave away bottles of the stuff, and every woman had positive results. Hot flashes are highly individual so the reports about them varied from completely stopping them to significantly lessening them. But every one of the women I passed the progesterone cream to reported sleeping better after struggling with persistent menopause-related insomnia. OF COURSE this helps make your mind clearer and your body more rested.

Dr. John Lee's ProgesterAll formula is 100% natural. There's no fear of putting more chemicals in our bodies. It's applied topically, as you would any lotion. And the cost is reasonable, especially vs. the estrogen patch.

I fully agree with you about the confusion over why this is still an issue. For 99.5% of women, menopausal symptom relief and control can be easily & naturally achieved without breaking the bank.

Thanks for your post. I stopped taking the progesterone cream once menopause passed, but now that you mention osteopenia, I'm heading back to Dr. John to see what he has to say about it.

June 2, 2013 - 10:23am


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