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He is going on his second year of sobriety. He was a bad alcholic and drug addict so he has a very addictive personality.
He takes no meds. He used to but ever since he got sober he stopped taking them because he didn't want to put any drugs in his body which I think is understandable.
I talked to him about and he thinks that as long as he goes in the bathroom it shouldnt be a big deal but he says he feels less than when he goes in the bathroom and he says he does it so he will not try and have sex with me when he knows I am not in the mood.
This is a daily thing though and he told me he has to get off before he goes to sleep.
We have such an awsome realtionship and I hate to end things because of this but he just doesn't think he has a problem so is very reluctant to change.

September 3, 2011 - 8:38am


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