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Because I study the science same as you. Just because I came to a different conclusion after reading THOUSANDS of studies over the years, and knowing quite a few medical professionals who feel the same way I do, does not mean that my viewpoint is less valid than your viewpoint.

I am not remotely embarrassed, as long as I source my writing with medical studies and I'm not making things up, then that's fine. In fact, I quite enjoy a good medical debate and I find that these kind of debates are useful because other people can read them and gain something from it. Maybe they will agree with your viewpoint, and maybe not. The point is, it's about education and parental empowerment no matter what they decide to do.

Some people who are very strongly for vaccines no matter what, seem not to want to have any discussion of the subject or have anyone look at opposing studies and I think that's a shame because people deserve to know everything before they have a treatment. After all, you wouldn't have surgery without asking the surgeon questions.

I'm off to bed now as it's 2 in the morning where I am and I must sleep at some point tonight (let's have a virtual *hug* and communicate more positively towards one another).

Night night!

September 9, 2011 - 6:01pm


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