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Where did you hear that, Brian Deer's blog? People complain that everything has to be from scientists and doctors, yet they happily quote Brian Deer, a SUNDAY TIMES journalist with no medical training, who got into the BMJ. Incredible really and about as likely as them letting ME get published in the BMJ.
The recent lot of articles about it in the BMJ were admitted by the editor to be PAID FOR by Merck, manufacturer of MMR. Hardly impartial.


'The BMJ Group receives advertising and sponsorship revenue from vaccine manufacturers, and specifically from Merck and GSK, which both manufacture MMR vaccines'.

If he did turn down funding (and I'm waiting to hear details), it might have been from one of the companies that were clearly expecting him to prove it was safe. You can't be impartial or do proper science if you're being paid by drug companies that have a vested interest in you approving their product. It's a widespread problem in medicine and not just with vaccines.

And he did do a study and found that of 91 autistic children, 75 had bowel disease with measles vaccine strain virus in their gut:


One of the studies that says MMR is not associated with autism only used a total of 38 children (25 autism cases, 13 that just had GI complaints). The study said that: '12 of 25 cases (48%) received MMR before GI episodes began as compared with 3 of 13 controls'.

Apart from being statistically very difficult to draw conclusions from such a small group, that still amounts to 15 cases of GI disturbance and/or regressive autism in children after receipt of MMR, out of 38 who had suffered symptoms, which is worrying and hardly proves safety.


And they also excluded anyone who'd been vaccinated less than 6 months prior. Why is that?? (genuine question), is that because there would be measles virus in the gut if vaccinated less than 6 months prior? Or was it to reduce the number of regressive autism/GI cases? A lot of parents I know informed me that their child regressed within weeks after, not months.

September 10, 2011 - 6:46am


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