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Anonymous (reply to Joanna Karpasea-Jones)

"Also, the vaccines don't technically immunize, they change the presentation of the disease"

Please forward this comment to whoever it is that clears your posts. It demonstrates a level of misunderstanding that is quite remarkable.

In the case of pertussis vaccination there are studies that indicate that for some small fraction, the vaccine does result in a less severe course of the disease. Likely the same thing happens to people who had whooping cough many years ago (because, unlike your earlier comment, whooping cough infection does not give lifelong immunity).

Either way--that *is* a result of being immunized. You clearly don't understand the term. Immunize means to fortify ones immune system against a disease. That can result in either prevention or in lessening of the infection.

These are discussions of the outliers. A small fraction of the
population. The fact remains that for most people, vaccines prevent the pertussis infection.

Seriously, you would do better to understand the links you give than to just blindly present a bunch of links as though they bolster your argument.

October 13, 2011 - 5:35pm


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