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Hi, good article, found this by way of the Lashologist council, mabe some Important Facts:
Lashes need to be straight for a successful fake eyelash application. Do not perm
eyelashes prior to fake eyelashes procedure; curly lashes are difficult to perfect bonding.

1.Mascara on eyelashes should be completely removed before eyelash extensions are applied.
2.As a rule of thumb, fake eyelash should be 1/2 to 1/3 longer than client’s own lashes. Any requests for longer lashes should be carefully considered as the application may fail.
3.Proper bonding is the secret to successful fake eyelashes extensions. Any separation between the fake eyelashes and the client’s eyelash will compromise the bond and the effects will be short-lived.
4.During fake eyelashes application, if client tears for any reason (i.e. falling asleep); wipe tears away with soft cotton swabs immediately.
5.Use the eyelash comb to smooth eyelashes after the application is complete to make sure that no lashes are sticking together. Examine all fake eyelashes to make sure bonding is secure.
6.After care; 2 hrs after eyelashes extension treatment – Do not allow water to contact lashes. 2 days after eyelashes extension – Do not steam face, use steam bath, swim or wash face with hot water. Do not use mascara on fake eyelashes, as make-up remover will affect the bonding of fake eyelashes. Do not perm fake eyelashes. Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both fake eyelashes and natural lashes. Do not rub eyes or fake eyelashes when washing face. Always pat dry lashes after cleansing.
7.Maintenance: The lash life cycle is about 100 days. Fake eyelashes may fall off due to the natural lashes life cycle or because of poor technique or negligent care by client. We recommend retouch every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain best look.
Common Reasons Lashes Fall Off

1.Mascara residue on eyelashes will compromise the contact area between eyelashes and fake eyelashes.
2.Fake eyelashes applied to curly or perm lashes will not adhere properly. Fake eyelashes should be used on straight lashes.
3.Actual eyelashes naturally fall of due to lashes life cycle.
4.Poor technique. Inadequate lash bonding.
5.Lashes were in contact with water within 2 hrs after fake eyelashes application. Rubbing eyes, facial steaming or taking a steam bath is not recommended within 2 days of process.

September 29, 2011 - 5:16am


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