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Hi Lynda (and others that find this),

I have been doing a lot of cataract research myself and found a few things you should look for...

The first neat thing is that they have "premium lenses" that may make it so that you don't need glasses =)

http://www.crystalens.com <---good lens
http://www.reclaimyourvision.com <---good lens
The second thing (because my mom had this) is to watch of for the type of anesthesia used (like another person noted). Some types may cause bruising (source: http://cataractsurgery.accommodatingiol.com/note.aspx?id=50&t=Bruising_After_Cataract_Surgery )

I hope these bits of info help!! Good luck with your surgery (if you end up going with it)


February 11, 2013 - 11:46am


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