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Thank you Susan for your reply. I will definitely continue to look into the subject. After all, these are my eyes and the only set I get to have in this life so I'm particularly cautious about this.

Crselby - thank you for sharing your experience with me. I have to admit one of the questions I do plan on asking is about anesthesia or how they plan on numbing the eye for this. One friend of mine had hers done and said she loved it, no problems, they used drops to numb her eye. My mother on the other hand, was fine with just one eye done, but when the second eye was done (by an intern and not the doctor) she had poorer results and has trouble at night now. These are things that do concern me greatly because I also have to drive at night.

I'll be making a list of all these questions so I don't forget to ask them.

Thank you both again. Hope to hear from others about their experiences too.

September 23, 2011 - 11:37am


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