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I get that too, and I have SLE, low thyroid, and scleroderma I would never let a dermatologist inject anything into me, especially a corticosteroid. I avoid dermatologists. They have zero answers, and just leave scars. It's just chasing symptoms when you inject this or that area. Try eating an anti-inflammation diet and megadosing on vitamin D3. That clears mine up. Oh! Get some liposomal vitamin c also. You can find it on Amazon I am sure. You squeeze a small packet into your oranje juice (to hide the awful taste). High dosing vc will remodel the collagen, and heal all manner of skin issues. I'm an RN, and now a Nurse Practitioner Student. My background is plastic and reconstructive surgery. I am serious when I tell you to avoid dermatologists when possible. Head to a holistic nutritionist, a yoga class, and see a funny movie. That will do more to decrease skin flare issues than anything. Stress reduction and nutrition is the best. One last thing! Hormones. If your progesterone is low (like during your period), your hair will think, sores will appear on your scalp, and you will generally feel inflamed. I learned the hard way. Have your hormone levels checked, supplement with bioidentical hormones as needed, or grab some progesterone cream at the health food shop.

January 23, 2016 - 2:42pm


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