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This is such a common story, about being misdiagnosed and generally blown off by doctors. I dealt with it too. Still do to some degree, but now, I just ignore whatever diagnosis they decide to stick on my or remove like a sticky note. Basically, every autoimmune disease is the same on some level. By that I mean that it's about inflammation, and a deranged immune system that has decided to attack your own tissues. Prednisone always helps in a bind, and there is a world out there full of info that your doctor will not tell you, and probably doesn't know. Rheumatologists have nothing to offer but drugs with serious side effects, so it's not exactly a win to find one who will slap a hard diagnosis on you and write prescriptions for drugs that cause blindness, pneumonia and death. It's a no win situation. The key is to build your immune system back into strength and sensibility. That is not what the drugs on the market do. I'm hearing great things about CBD Oil and other hemp products for autoimmune issues, juicing, allergy elimination diets, and other non drug therapies. I have yet to find anyone cured with pharmaceuticals, and I am in research. I spend hours/day going through medical research and biochemistry files. I veer off into personal health research too, when time permits. The news is not good for traditional medicine when it comes to curing anything.

January 23, 2016 - 2:53pm


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