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I have all the same symptoms and am now diagnosed with autoimmune mixed connective tissue disease. I have had the sores on my head since July (5mo) and am on 35mg of prednisone to try- again - to get rid of them-they've kept coming back and worse every time. I run a low grade fever with them and feel awful. I had severe colitis - had to go to the emergency room- and the Rheumatologist thinks it's sores in my
gI tract- so I'm waiting to see a Gastroenterologist. I have not been able work since the hospital episode- just have no strength and am so exhausted mY Neurologist put me on narcolepsy meds (armodafinil) and it really helps! I have been on pain meds for the pain for 10 years since it all started. Originally, my old dermatologist thought I was crazy and tried to send me to the psychologist for scratching the sores myself!! Until the blood work finally showed auToimmune- I got that a lot. Watch out for the Lyrica- I gained 80 lbs on it and cannot get it off!! Thyroid low too- and lately I'm anemic as well. Things just seem to be getting worse- I hope this round of steroids will get rid of these awful sores! My new dermatologist is great- and they often can give you steroid cream and this steroid tape to help things heal. I really don't think they know which disease it is- just that it's autoimmune!! I feel sure they're going to try a biological next- but they scare me- as I'm a teacher, and around lots of germs and get infections every year- if I e dr get back to school! I am losing hope

October 30, 2016 - 12:43pm


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