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definitely! At age 10 i awoke with small scales on my scalp that quickly turned to ulcerations and did not respond to anything, and the pediatrician told my mother it was a scalp condition, No shampoos helped. It was symmetrical, where i had a lesion on one side, i had one in the same area on the other, and they would go away all by themselves. They became deeper and more painful over the years, sometimes to the point of my entire scalp being affected and very painful. My dr, in my 20s, gave me Diprisone liquid drops to put on them, which contained cortisone, non-greasy, and it actually worked~! For months, i was lesion free on my scalp and then some would re-appear. This was my only sx at the time. In my 30s more sxs appeared and i was misdiagnosed with MS, tho the tx of 3 days of Solu-Medrol 1000 mgs got me out of any flare up, so it worked. In my 40s i got seriously sick, my muscles were shrinking even tho i was very athletic, my vision got worse, and i was in the hospital almost every month, even ICU, from infections that went septic and my entire GI system and immune system failing, and my bladder as well. I finally saw a rheumatologist on my own and he was aghast that my drs had let this disease go untreated, calling it a mixed connective tissue disease, auto immune, and letting it get to every system in my body. I am so happy to finally be getting help as i also developed many more autoimmune problems including secondary Sjogrens that is going on 4 mos now! I am on the max dose of Plaquenil for now and steroids and immunoglobulin IV every 4 weeks thru my port, which helps. But i cant kick this eye thing so im going to ask my dr for iv steroids like my drs in another state did for "MS" sxs. It worked like magic to end any problem. But for the scalp, I would ask your dr for Diprosone DROPS, not the cream, since it is greasy. I also get these ulcerations on other parts of my body as well, but my nose and scalp seem to be the hardest to clear up and hurt the worst, Good luck! I hope your dr listens to you. If not, see a dermatologist, but def. have a rheumatologist if you even think you have lupus! I learned the hard way, even tho im an RN and KNEW i had to have lupus. I trusted my drs and they failed me, and at 49 I cant work or do any of the activities i used to even a year ago. I could have died several times. They had many specialists see me but never a rheumatologist! Im so glad i went on my own. If you dont like the one you see, go to another, preferably in a big city, one that is a teaching facility. Its worth the drive and time.

October 23, 2011 - 7:05pm


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