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Hi Kerri,

Welcome to EmpowHer and thank you for your post.
I'm very sorry that this little "Speck" is actually more than a speck in your life right now, since you are considering Chemotherapy because of it. Since your doctor thinks that chemo won't help or make a difference-- what are your thoughts? Have you asked what are the consequences of you not going through with chemo?

I know this is a scary thought for you, but this may simply mean that you have to monitored a little more closely than you normally would to basically keep on eye on that speck along with test results. If chemotherapy really won't make a difference in the speck, then being monitored closely is definitely an option.

If you can't keep your mind off of it, then chemo is ultimately an option left to you. However, it's important that you truly understand that you may undergo chemo and you may be left in the same predicament that you're in now-- and I don't want you to be disappointed. So, if you do decide to go forward with chemotherapy, know that unfortunately this is a possible outcome.

Wishing you the best,


October 15, 2011 - 1:29pm


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