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Hi i was laying down on my right side and my 3yr took her two fist and jammed it into my stomach a loud yell came out and and I laid there afterwards for a few minutes, i felt a pain down my left leg and thought nothing of it meanwhile thinking could she have ruptured something inside my stomach, i finally built the courage to stand up i felt no pain but I did start to cough, i went to my room and laid next to my husband who was napping I laid their thinking of what could possibly be wrong, and I began to think of the worst meanwhile feeling some pain in my stomach I started to black out and my hands were shaking I tapped my husband and yelled for him to call 911 and to take me to the hospital he calmed me down and I snapped out of it and came to realize that i was having a panic attack (which I've never had) Im sitting on the couch and I feel strange I still think she could have caused some injury, help me what do you think?

August 11, 2016 - 6:24pm


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