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(reply to Rosa Cabrera RN)

Thanks for your response. I do not have a family or a personal history with cancer, just my worst fears. I took 2 pregnancy tests (both negative) to rule that out although I didn't really suspect it, I did have a very small amount of bleeding for a few days this past week and then it stopped so not much bleeding at all. My symptoms remain a bloating/fullness type feeling in the pelvic region, pain that seems to migrate (weird I know) but is sharp and sometimes in the middle and sometimes left side, it is not severe pain and does not interfere with any activities. Intercourse is not painful and I have no problems urinating or having bowel movements. The symptom causing the me the most inconvenience is that I feel physically ill such as when you have the flu, nauseaus, weak, body aches, and the fact that they symptoms have persisted for 4 weeks makes me very scared. Sytmptoms do not seem to get worse but not better either. I called the Dr. Office to speak to a nurse to try to calm my fears but she totally blew me off but I do have an appointment on Tuesday the 8th of November. The only other thing I can possibly think to mention is that when my bladder is full I don't feel the same feelings of needing to empty it just that it feels full and I have no problems emptying it, I know that sounds crazy but again no pain and no problem emptying my bladder. I know you probably can't help me but I would like to know if this sounds life threatening to you.

November 5, 2011 - 6:53pm


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