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Hey Barbara,
You may want to consider seeing an endocrinologist or even a trip to an oncologist and have a PET scan focused on your adrenal glands. Even if its not cancer an endocrinologist will probably be able to help you, its a very mysterious and complicated organ and affects everything in your body. I had the same exact symptoms and was told I had a "cyst" on my kidney, that it was normal and there were no answers to why everything was going haywire with my body. A year later, a hundred pounds heavier and a full beard docs discovered I had stage IV adrenocortical carcinoma. Its rare and unfortunately isnt found until it is in its final stages. Im not trying to scare you but I have a strong feeling that whatever the problem is lies in your adrenal glands. I wish you the best of luck Barbara. I hope you get a good report and the mystery is solved.

February 7, 2012 - 8:41pm


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