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Thank you for your question!

We will need to research some information, to see if we can find other women who have had side effects similar to what you are experiencing after your procedure and anesthesia.

I do wonder why the naturopath would have you take more progesterone if you are unsure what your hormone levels currently are. Since you have had so many tests conducted, have you considered ruling out any type of hormone imbalance and having these levels checked?

What type of partial hysterectomy did you have (in other words: I assume you still have both of your ovaries, and they are functioning?). It would be a good idea to know if your hormone levels are within normal ranges after your surgery.

Your symptoms of dizziness and feeling off balance with headaches: have infections been ruled out (now that you are almost at the end of your antibiotic), and do you feel like you have vertigo?

Please let us know the results of your MRI and possible hormone testing, and this will help us conduct some research to see if we can uncover any additional information for you.

Take care!

October 29, 2011 - 8:19pm


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