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Hi anonymous,
I am sorry you are experiencing so many health problems, and are not sure what to do. It is a little difficult to follow your post, as there are no punctuation marks, and I am not sure what you were diagnosed with when you were 16 years old, had happen in 2005 versus what is going on now that it is 2011 and you are 32 years old.

Can you tell us why you have been recommended to have a hysterectomy? Is it from your endometriosis diagnosis when you were 16 years old (or is that a recent diagnosis from 2 years ago?). What treatments have you tried for this?

You say you have kidney infections "all the time, everyday", and I wonder what treatments you have been given for your chronic kidney infections?

You also said your liver is enlarged? What is your diagnosis regarding your liver? Do you have liver disease caused by alcohol use, from hereditary conditions, or something else?

What do you mean that you "can't control my hormones"? What are your current hormone levels, and what do you mean you aren't able to "control" them? Is this with medication or treatment, or are you referring to the emotional aspect of your hormones? If it is the emotional part, have you talked with a Psychologist or mental health professional who could help you feel better emotionally (and "hormonally", if that's what you mean), and some of your pain could be relieved just by having a caring person learn about your multiple symptoms and truly listen to your concerns.

Lastly, do you have one primary care doctor or a "case manager" who is helping you sort through the various testing, doctor visits and treatment options?

October 29, 2011 - 8:38pm


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