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Hi im sorry its so confusing im in my phone & had so much 2 say. I was diagosed w/endro after 2 yrs. Of constint pain & only having 2 periods from age 14 to 16yrs of age. I have had 3 laposcooic surgeries which the drs. Found such a severe case of endro. That it was like glue sticking my organs 2gether i have had (r) ovary taken out as well as gullbladder all due 2 endro. I went 2 a GI spec. & spent 3hrs. Going over past medical history & w/all my blood work 4 past 10plus yrs. Have shown highly elevated liver enzymes as welk as almost no WPC or RPC all my test from hemotolgiat says i have no form of hepatitus or anything that can b found through blood the kidney infections they beleive r also called by the endo (glued) 2 other organs im going in 2 get full hysterectomy but the dr. Told us that its a 95% chance of bowel obstruction while trying 2 get all the endro cells idk if my shingles r related at this point im not sure what 2 do the dr is having a general surgeon stand by as welk as enteral med. Surgeon they r expecting the worse & its not 100% sure that this will help all probkems ive always.beleived why i never healed from either car accident 05 & 4mths later is bcuz i had theae prior medical problems everything just got really worse acouple yrs. Ago i just cant keep living like this the hormones i was talking about is my blood work 1wk. Hormone levels keep changing ok 2 bad so at this rime i have extreme hot flashes sweats up down moods & until surgery i can not b on hormones bcuz of the levels so off. Im EXTERMLY scared & dont know what 2 do & where the

October 29, 2011 - 9:24pm


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