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Hi Janine,
I am glad you found EmpowHER, and I hope we can help!

Severe anxiety and panic attacks can be treated successfully, and you have several options:
1. Please call your doctor and tell him/her about your severe side effects to your prescription. Your doctor can offer other treatment options with less side effects and/or can offer other treatments to help you with your anxiety and panic attacks
2. Please talk to your doctor about a referral to Psychologist, who can help you treat your severe anxiety and panic attacks. Many Psychologists work on a sliding-scale or have different payment options so that they are accessible and you can find the help you need.

Take care, and please let us know what your doctor recommends (we can help research terms or treatment options if you have additional questions!). You deserve to feel good about yourself, not live with severe anxiety and feel that you can have successful jobs and relationships in your life. You can absolutely get help and treatment...just make a phone call and find local resources to help you financially get the help you need!

October 29, 2011 - 8:51pm


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