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It does sound like you have a lot of things going on, and we can definitely help you sort through your physical and emotional struggles!

It would be helpful to know this information:
1. What conditions have you been diagnosed with and/or have been confirmed by lab tests and doctors?
2. What treatments are you currently using?

It can help to know that many of your symptoms are most likely "secondary symptoms", which are those things caused by (or triggered by) your "primary symptoms". In other words, and for example, if you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and collapsed fallopian tube, these diagnosable conditions can lead to MANY of your other symptoms (heavy, prolonged bleeding, painful sex), which can then lead to other conditions (depression, anxiety, sadness, feeling alone).

You mentioned many times that you "feel" you have a certain condition, and I can see how that would be off-putting to many doctors, family and friends. In order to receive the best care, as well as not overwhelm your caretakers and those that love you, you can keep track of your physical symptoms, emotional symptoms as well as your diet, physical activity and treatments. Look at your lifestyle: are you doing things you enjoy? Are you looking at things in a positive way (as much as you can), getting enough sleep (when you can)... and generally trying to take care of yourself? If you do these things, which is basically being an advocate for your own health, you can begin to see patterns in your symptoms and help others to help you. Otherwise, people's perceptions can be that it's "all in your head" (as you have already received this message), and then you desperately try to "prove" to them it's not with a litany of symptoms, which only further isolates them from trying to help. As the empowered patient, you can learn all you can about your diagnosable conditions ("primary symptoms"), which are leading to your secondary symptoms...and begin treating those primary symptoms to lessen the effects of your secondary symptoms.

Are you still with me? :-)

You will notice that by becoming educated, empowered and an excellent advocate of your own health...you will DRAW people toward you who WANT to help...and not inadvertently push them away because they are overwhelmed or not believing you (I wish this was not the case, but just wanted to give you the "why" behind their behavior).

It really does not sound like it is all in your head--it sounds like you are confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. It sounds like you are in pain, worried and scared, and also depressed and sad. It all makes sense, and you can get better and can get treatment.

Please do these things, and let us know how you are doing:
1. Create a health record/diary so you can keep track of your symptoms, feelings/emotions, activities for the day, diet, physical activity, medications/treatments, sleep...everything that could possibly help or be a trigger to your symptoms.
2. Keep a list of doctors, tests (get a copy of all of your test results), and questions you need answered. Let us help you research answers to specific health questions, and you can confirm with your doctor (to make sure it is related to your specific condition).
3. Make sure you are well-educated on your diagnosed conditions, and make a list of your actual diagnoses, what primary symptoms those may include, and list other "secondary" symptoms you are experiencing. You may begin to see a pattern, and not feel so overwhelmed by "everything" being wrong with you...it might make sense that you have 2 or 3 conditions, and those are leading to a litany of other symptoms. If you realize you have 2 or 3 conditions.. that is much easier to deal with and treat (and, helpful for doctors and your loved ones to understand and help you with).
4. Seek the help of a Psychologist who specializes in chronic illnesses, and can talk with you about the underlying depression, isolation and worry that comes with having physical illnesses.

October 30, 2011 - 1:32pm


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