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I am unfamiliar with Catherine Bach's diagnosis, but if she discussed this on The Doctor's TV show, you can contact the show or review the archives online.

Regarding your own doctors are not addressing an issue that concerns you, you may either need to:
1. Ask specifically for testing to check your hormone levels
2. Seek the advice of another doctor (get a second opinion).

There may not be a single hormone that is causing your symptoms, as it could be a combination of factors (your physical conditions, treatments you are using and/or hormone inbalance). It is important to find a doctor who will listen to your symptoms and concerns, and make recommendations on tests, lifestyle changes, treatment changes or provide advice on how to discover triggers that may be causing your confusion. If you are unable to talk, your doctor should refer you to a neurosurgeon or other specialist to rule out certain conditions, or at least discover more in-depth detail about what you mean by this (you can't remember what word to use, you are unable to form a complete thought, you think you are talking but audible words are not coming out, you can not physically move your mouth or tongue)...these details as well as when this occurs can help you and your doctor find the best testing options. Please do not undermine the power of stress, as you did say your symptoms are worse when under stress. You can absolutely start now in advocating for your own health and learn about what triggers your stress, what makes you happy and joyful and decreases your stress. If you are feeling anxious, you can talk with a counselor or Psychologist who can provide guidance and treatment if needed. You have many options, and we are here if you need additional information!

October 30, 2011 - 2:19pm


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