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(reply to AlettaS)

I am 52, been completely through memopause for five years. There are two docs in this group and this certain doc was/is a plastic surgeon. I am using the pellets. I had an insertion last week and told the nurse of my bleeding. The doc came in and did the insertion. I asked him about the bleeding and he said "oh it's an estrogen thing" but he didn't offer any other ideas. I went to my obgyn who does not do the pellets and his advise was to take 200 mg progesterone for 12 days each month. will have a normal period as if I were on the pill. he also said if the bleeding does not subside he wants to give me synthetic estrogen (which I've never been able to take) to balance me out--it defeats the purpose of trying to go natural. I live in Cincinnati ohio and we have three HRC places here. I wonder if I should switch.

October 27, 2011 - 5:12pm


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