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Hi stacy,
I am so glad that you have found EmpowHER...we are here to listen, be a shoulder to cry on, and help you find resources and information.

I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. As if it's not bad enough to have a physical condition like PCOS, you are suffering emotionally and mentally as well.

I understand you do not have health insurance from your husband's employer, but do they offer COBRA? Are you and your husband able to sit down and figure out HOW you can get individual health insurance, or pay out-of-pocket for a Psychologist? Many Psychologists have self-pay options (about 50% reduced rate), as well as sliding-scale fees and payment options. YOU NEED TO SEEK HELP. You have many signs of depression, and it is of utmost importance for yourself and your family that everyone pull their resources together to get you the help you need. PCOS absolutely is a difficult disease, as well as insulin resistance...how are these being treated (or, did you stop all treatments?). Please call your doctor for a referral to a mental health professional who specializes in chronic illness, and make an appointment with that person (you may need to talk with a few before you find the right "fit"...this is expected and normal, but you may be lucky to find the right person first!). Ask your husband to drive you to the appointment, or take you out for lunch afterwards to talk. Please do this for yourself, and ask your husband to help you become the wife, mother and wonderful women you are meant to be.

Lastly, many Psychologists' first office visit is free, and you can ask about what type of payment is expected for the first visit, or if you can have a one-time meeting that is free or a nominal amount (I'm thinking $20) to get you in the door, and see if this person is a right fit for you.

Please let us know how you are doing after you make the call, and we can help you through the rest of the steps!

October 30, 2011 - 7:34pm


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