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I think you are truly a brave and strong women! You are able to see that your relationship with your husband is unhealthy and you did what many women can not do YOU GOT OUT! I know this is hard on you , but you are 100% right in your choice and you will find that by surrounding yourself with the people in your life that truly loves and appreciates you that everyday you will get stronger, better and more sure of the choice you have made. Abuse in any form is dangerous and wrong, and he needs to know that what he has done to you over the years is not ever going to be allowed again. I feel that you need to distance yourself from talking to him on the phone as well he needs to realize that he has a problem and that you are not going to let him go on being a part of your life in anyway at all while he is drinking. Talking to him to me would only serve to give him a since of being that even though you left and say that his drinking and abuse is wrong and you have had enough, that he still has a hold on you and can still controll and manipulate you to a point of getting away with it. But whatever you choose know that you have truly made a good start and you do deserve a good, healthy life filled with love and happiness.

November 7, 2011 - 11:12pm


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