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same here that I have same nose bleeding problem due to injury when I was still a kid. I assume that my nose is not symmetrical and the slight bent caused an area of inside of my nose is really fragile and it's always the same spot bleeding. Sometimes it's very mild and it stops on its own. Sometimes it bleeds a lot and the big clot forms. I also have the feeling that if I try to simply stop bleeding, it would bleed forever. As soon as I blow those clots out, it stops bleeding. It's pretty counter-intuitive since when you bleed you tend to think not blowing since it feels like stimulation for the opening, but actually I have to remove those clots to stop bleeding as if those clots open up my veins. Nose bleeding is not fatal, but really annoying. I wish we can all be cured one day.

July 20, 2016 - 11:50am


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