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My dughter is 8 she has had nose bleeds since she was 3. When she was 4 sge bleed for like 30 min. i tooj her to the emergency room because it would not stop it stoped on the way over there by the time a doctor saw her they said it was that her vains in her nose so small, thin, and delicate.
I showed them the clots that were coming and the said it was just a phlem. They did not even ran tests on the clots. They just said to ice her nose by the next time so it can frezze the blood.
Up till now she still gets those nasty nise bleeda that wont stop until the clot (phlem) comes out.
Do you all think that is true or should i be woried about that.

December 11, 2017 - 9:35am


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