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To Whom Concerns this depends greatly upon your medical health if you are taking blood thinners you need to ask your cardiologist to see if you can stop them & ir you are on oxygen due to COPD you need to ask your lung doctor for A humidifier preferrrable a cool humidifier that you can hook up to your oxygen but most of all clamp your nose you do need to get into the emergency room ASAP do not tilt your head back if you tilt your head back you can easily choke on your own blood and you will have more blood clots & river of blood will come out of your nose you will need to get to the Emergency Room ASAP Possible medical diagnoses is A ruptured Mucus Membrane in your nostrile from exsesive blowing your nose too hard or picking your nose or An injury from sticking an object into your nose or dry or cold air. get to the emergency room ASAP

October 5, 2019 - 9:51am


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