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Although what they are saying about sciatica is correct, this doesn't actually say very much about how to treat it. Unfortunately, sciatica is a term that is used when you have pain going down the back of your leg, but the diagnosis describes the symptom, but not the cause. As a chiropractor, I see this all the time with patients who come in and say, "My doctor says I have sciatica, do you treat that?" The answer normally is, "Yes.", but to treat it, I have to determine what is causing the sciatica, disc, piriforomis syndrome, inflammation due to trauma, or something worse. The article mentioned tumors, but experience in diagnosis using orthopedic and neurological testing (which we do), is the best way, possibly x-ray, or MRI when necessary. It is true that in most circumstances it doesn't take very long to treat it, but, that depends on what is causing the sciatica in the first place. I have more about this on my website, Sciatica Causes and Treatment if it was due to an injury, I have an article entitled, "How Do Injuries Happen"

November 14, 2011 - 10:48am


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