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I wanted to be like the SoCal girls with the beautiful blond. Some men want blonds some really really want brunettes. I was born and raised here, but never blond. Wanted the tan too, could not get one, I'm a European mutt (Scottish, English, German, French - mostly white skinned-freckled Scott). Had an accident in 1999 and couldn't work for months, read great books in the gorgeous April sun and looked at my face 2 months later and decided, so NOT worth it. My skin looked so old. I spent no time in no sun for a year. I am now thought to be at least 10 years earlier than I am, and can sometimes get carded... my kids are 20 and 24. Keep your good looks lovely ladies! Stay safe too. It is worth to NOT have this skinned and that burned and surgically removed. Have confidence in your lovely self. Your confidence and love is more important to everyone in your life.

November 19, 2011 - 7:19pm


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