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Mostly bronchitis is caused by a virus and is therefore, contagious. So, basically the answer to this question depends on the kind of virus you have. Bronchitis may be difficult to identify from the common cold, but, a prolonged coughing sans the cold symptoms may be bronchitis. Acute bronchitis many a times starts as the flu, and the one caused by bacterial infections too may be easily transmitted to people. And the acute bronchitis is also called the infectious bronchitis caused by bacteria or viral infections. And therefore, is contagious. However, chronic bronchitis is very different and it is non-contagious. But, acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis caused by superimposed infection in people with chronic bronchitis might be contagious. This leads to the other question i.e., how long is it contagious for? This also depends on the virus that caused it. More often than not it is contagious for at least three days, or as long as a week and it is best advised to stay indoors to prevent the transmission. It is the most contagious in the first few days after the symptoms appear. The bacterial bronchitis remains contagious, and can spread pathogenic microbes to others as long as the symptoms are manifested.
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January 19, 2017 - 11:21pm


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