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(reply to stacy cranfield)

You definitely were able to help and I am so very appreciative. I just had to tell my boyfriend today that he has to stop thinking that he is too "manly" to want hugs and kisses from me. I am not going to tease him or laugh at him, I will always embrace his love and affections and I hope he will always embrace mine. We have a pretty interesting relationship. We are complete opposites so we butt heads a lot, but we love each other so deeply that we just don't want anything but each other. Be very proud of your 14 years of marriage, there aren't many people that have made it that far these days. It's an inspiration for me because my marriage broke up after 7 years and that kind of made me rethink the whole institution of marriage. I always talk to my boyfriend and try to teach him the things that I learned while being married and I think that is why we are still together now. He understands that relationships are work and that just because we disagree that doesn't mean the world is about to end, it's just time for another compromise.

I think that as long as we have love, patience, respect, honesty and trust that we will be fine. I thank you for sharing your story with me and I know that you and your husband will enjoy your coming anniversary and many, many more!

December 2, 2011 - 5:23pm


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