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My husband broke my heart last night. We were snuggling. Then I went to touch him and he stop ped me and said he had a headache and just wanted to go to bed. I told him that I would help get rid of his headache, but he said that makes it worse. So we ended up just going to bed. A few minutes later I started feeling the bed shake and him making noises. I was so upset. He'd rather be with himself then with me and did he really have a headache?! Well after he finished I started feeling everything all over again, and then he moved around and I started hearing a sucking sound. He was giving himself a blowjob! Seriously! For someone who just wanted to get to sleep cause of a headache. When that was done he stated all over again, and he did the blowjob again! And this time when he finished he got up and went into the bathroom. I figured this was my chance. I sat up in bed. When he came back in the room he asked me if I was ok. I told him he broke me heart. He asked me why and I said cause 'you didn't want to be with me tonight'. His respond was that he's so tired and his head hurts he just needs sleep. I just couldn't get myself to say anything. He had no idea I've just been laying in bed listening to him and crying. Thinking how he doesn't want to be with me. And this entire year, we've only had sex 7 times! I'm going crazy. He never wants to be with me. And after he got back in bed he continued his masterbation sessions all night long. I finally fell asleep at somepoint and when I woke up he was still at it. And this isn't the first night this has been like this. The past 3 nights have been non stop for him. Which have been no sleep for me just listening. I just really have no idea how to bring this up to him. I know he told me over a year ago that he masterbates a lot. But he's never been like this. January 1st is our 5 year wedding anniversary and I'm just so depressed right now thinking he's not happy with me. And I really just need to get this sick feeling out of my stomach. He doesn't need to stop masterbating, I just don't feel comfortable with it going on all night and being turned down when I want to be with him.

December 29, 2015 - 3:13pm


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