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WOW !!! I swear you where talking about me. I have the same issues and was told I have a learning issue. I have been taking meds for over 20 yrs and march.1998 I ended up with a stroke. { they don't know why I had a stroke - most likely due to my old life - All I wanted to do was die . I stopped doing drugs 2 yrs before I had a stroke} life then was very bad, depression, hurting myself with objects etc..
Depression lowers self worth and can destroy a life. they are still trying to control my inbalance in my head but I still struggle. anxiety is very bad. the older i get the worse it seems to be. Doctors keep trying.
NOBODY understands what depressed people truly feel . But there are groups out there that do understand ! It sure is nice to be able to talk with people who have experienced depression, anxiety, etc...
Thank you for sharing your story.

December 13, 2011 - 4:37pm


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