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As someone who suffers with this condition its not so simple to live with it! Although it may 'heal' itself, this can take many many months - there can be multiple reasons that the internal scar starts leaking again ranging from poor dietary nutrtition and its effect on the permeability of the dura, to pulling the internal scar by ordinary daily movements (depending on where the breach in the dura is.
There are many of us that are house bound, have lost jobs, live in isolation on low incomes because of this condition. For some, standing upright is a nightmare because of low brain pressure, nauseau, pain etc, for others, they've enjured many many blood patches, dura repairs etc for it to be undone with a slight 'ordinary' movement such a bending down to pick something up or carrying something like a full kettle of water.
Thankfully there are some among us who, having learnt the hard way, are sharing their experiences so that those of us that this is all new to can at least get some emotional support with this condition as we all try to 'heal' ourselves.

August 4, 2014 - 4:18am


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