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Dear Anonymous,

If there are surfaces that you should not be walking on, then this is best left to your doctor to decide. However, there are recommended exercises for Spinal Osteoarthritis which include: 

Initial treatment may include losing weight if needed and then, for everyone, maintaining a healthy weight. It may also include exercise. Besides helping with weight management, exercise can also help:

  • increase flexibility
  • improve attitude and mood
  • strengthen the heart
  • improve blood flow
  • make it easier to do daily tasks

Some of the exercises associated with osteoarthritis treatment include swimming, walking, and water aerobics. Exercise may be broken down into the following categories:

  • Strengthening exercises.These exercises seek to make muscles that support the joints stronger. They work through resistance with the use of weights or rubber bands. 
  • Aerobic exercises.These are exercises that make the heart and circulatory system stronger. 
  • Range-of-motion exercises.These exercises increase the body’s flexibility.

Hope this helps, any questions on exercise surfaces are best answered by your doctor.

Good Luck,


January 7, 2012 - 3:25pm


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