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If you have hypothyroid symptoms and had blood test done for it and they came out normal and the doctor then tells your okay it's normal you can go. That's not solution though is it? I've been going through so much in this matter because I have hypothyroid symptoms myself. I know two doctors by the name of Dr. David Brownstein www.drbrownstein.com and Dr. Jorge Flechas www.helpmythyroid.com. They have talked so much about how thyroid and iodine are important together. I just couldn't believe all the information I got about iodine.

Here is a place to do a self test online if you're a hypothyroid person. http://www.1-thyroid.com/lowthyroid.htm. When I did test my score came out 68. It's saying 68 means severe hypothyroidism.

I heard of something called Kelp (iodine) which is a seaweed and it's a natual supplement for hypothyroidism. The first time I actually took it I couldn't believe later in the afternoon I felt a little bit warm. Generally I'm very intolerant to the cold weather and I know it's one of the symptoms of being hypothyroid. So from this point I decided to see my endocrinologist to be sure exactly how much Iodine I should take.

If any of you have hypothyroid symptoms post your replies here I'd be glad to help.


January 20, 2012 - 9:40pm


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