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Every one of the 110 studies is acknowledged, would you like the list?
I don't know who was consulted, Dana Ulman wouldn't be as he is no scientist, I have no information as to whether Dr Fisher was or not.
I was commenting on who welcomed the report based on it's criteria.

HTAs only comment on Shang is this quotation
“Although we cannot conclude from the previous remarks [about the Shang et al 2005 study] the opposite conclusion - that homeopathy is effective - we can say with certainty that the Shang et al 2005 study does not prove that homeopathy has no effect.”

That' a long way from debunking, but then you seem to have blinkers on so I expect that.

Shang doesn't claim to prove it has no effect. That's impossible. It claims that it's efficacy is unproven.

January 20, 2012 - 1:51pm


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