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200 years of clinical success is hardly "unproven".
The use of Homeopathy by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and growing at a rate of 20-30% a year is hardly "unproven".
Health Technology looks at far more than just randomized trials, otherwise vaccination just wouldn't be happening from any standpoint. There have yet to be any random controlled trials for that. Health Technology Assessments on both sides of the ocean have consistently shown that conventional medicine peddles treatments that are over 50% ineffective or of unknown effectiveness. Bottom line is that people who want to philosophically challenge Homeopathy attempt to hold it to a higher standard of "proof" than what passes for conventional treatment.
If Homeopathy didn't work it would hardly have lasted as a complete system of medicine for over 200 years.
It's clinical results that matter. Putting the patient first matters far more than preserving the status quo which primarly serves the interests of shareholders in drug and medical testing corporations.
Most patients currently gravitate to Homeopathy because conventional medical treatments have failed them. The results are frequently spectacular, even among those who are initially sceptical and were raised with the notion that there are no cures, only symptom suppression.

January 20, 2012 - 3:00pm


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