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Again making assumptions about any knowledge without my eductaion and experience, typical homeopathic angle.
I've read Dana's awful book. I have no love for western medicine, and know of the dangers market forces place on companies to compete, fake results, overstate their effect and underplay their side effects.

However, these things have zero effect on the efficacy of alternative options.

Read Ben Goldacres Bad Science (which slams both mainstream and alternative research) and his new book is an expose of the claims made by big pharmaceuticals. It sound right up your street. (I haven't read that one yet, can't seem to find it in my local stores)

But to criticise vaccines shows your ignorance and to think that vaccines have no RCTs shows you don't do you own research, just copy & paste quack site like extraordinarymedicine.

January 22, 2012 - 2:04am


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