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I’m not sure how severe this issue is in the other states, but here in Illinois the budget cuts to mental health have been so drastic. My anxiety/depression gets almost unbearable, at times. I am gratefully on Disability, but this also puts me in the low-income bracket. Thus I utilize our Community Health Clinic. My appointments with my Counselor and my Psychiatrist keep getting farther and farther apart. This is due to each Counselor being so overloaded with their caseloads. The result of being overloaded causes errors being made concerning medications, lack of patience with us patients, and shortened appointments.
I worked for years and years in the manufacturing industry. A combination of my job being outsourced to Mexico and 2 consecutive concussions to the left side of my brain, leaving me with mild Traumatic Brain Injury have brought me to this point. I know I am not alone in this "catch 22"-it is just so disheartening. In my opinion, it is no wonder that mental illness is on the rise. I try to do as much as I can to help us here in Illinois. I sign the petitions, and write letters to our representatives online.
I just wish I could get the help that I need and be on the right “cocktail” of meds to help pull myself out of this deep, dark hole so I could do more to help all of us where these mental health issues are concerned. -Tammy

February 3, 2012 - 11:19am


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