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Hi Anon,

There are so many people- children, teens, women, men that deal with anxiety that seems to get worse, never better. I have been using Flower Remedies for myself and clients and have seen a beautiful reversal in of intense anxiety and worry. Anxiety for each of us feels different. Lets look at where your anxiety stems from and work with it. Read testimonials - there are some remedies that will help.
Look at Crowea for intense worry.
Understand that many times our children follow suit necause it is family patterning, it is genetics as well. I know how horrible it can be, having lived it myself. You can really help yourself naturally, profoundly and find the peace you are looking for. Your worry for your daughter comes from your anxiety and when you begin to start feeling peace using these wonderful remedies, all the worry will begin to disappear! www.strongestminds.com
Amy D. Cohen

March 6, 2012 - 2:44pm


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