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There are 3 types of main anxiety disorders, so you have to fiure out what type you have first (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety- if you have an anxiety disorder), the good news is the treatment is all the same. Worrying about several things excessively, a "worry wart" is best treated by an SSRI like Lexapro which is now generic and a benzodiazepine like long acting klonopin which will help you sleep, ativan if you are petite or sensiitive to meds and which wont make you tired or valium if you have back pain and get tired from klonopin. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can also help correct your innacurate thought patterns and can be adjunctive.
-Psychiatrist in Glendale (623) 878-2100

May 14, 2012 - 9:10pm


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