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i too have been through boughts of horrible anxiety. are you on any bio identical hormone replacement? i found my really severe anxiety started in my late 30s. then i tried everything, nothing worked. then i found GABA and it literally saved my life.. look on "swansons.com" for the freshest and best deal though you can also get it at the health food store. i take about 1500 mgs a day, sometimes more depending on how i'm feeling. and look up the studies that have been don't with it on victims of ptsd. it was truly a miracle for me and later i started bioidentical hormone replacement as well and feel so much better. believe m i know how horrible severe anxiety is, it made me want to die, lterally. i also have a mantra that i do.. "im ok, i'm ok, i'm ok" i say it fast and for a long period of time. working out HARD also releases some of it. but the quickest result i ever had was from GABA. it works on the transmitters and drs will tell you it can't pass the blood. brain barrier but that is a load of crap because i took 1500 mg as soon as i got it and in 20 minutes i was calm and went to sleep aget being awake for 2 days straight and woke up feeling fantastic and my anxiety, when it comes up it totally managable and i can actually figure out what it is and how to deal with it. cognitive theapy is useful in figuring out where it came from and can teach you some coping skills but it's hard to implement those things when you are in the middle of freaking out, i know. give GABA a shot and good luck to you, i truly hope you find peace.

May 15, 2012 - 8:11am


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