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Hi there, to all the ladies posting on this site. What was the reason you needed the Fenton's procedure? I have never had a child but I have the issue of tearing at the base of my vagina when I have sex. The type tearing someone would have if they gave birth but I didn't give birth! If I used lubricant it's was not as bad and in a couple days I could have had sex again. Although, sex wasn't that enjoyable because I always had a little tear! At first my Gyno said I had thin skin down there and gave me estrogen cream to thicken the skin. This did not work. I developed scar tissue (from repeated tears) and my gyno thought it was the scar tissue that was ripping repeatedly every time I have intercourse. She removed the scar tissue (not a full fenton's.. because she did this in her clinic with just a local anesthetic). Anyway, I waited two and a half months to have sex again and when I did, (which has been only once) I ended up tearing very badly (the whole area where she removed skin) which is bigger than my original tear site.. (I'm so upset by this as she said "It can't make it any worse and it did). So instead of having to wait 2 or 3 days now to have sex again, and being in pain when I sit down and move certain ways, I have to probably wait a good week and a half or two weeks to let it heal up because this tear is so much bigger. (I guess it's kinda like a cavity, the dentist has to drill a bigger hole to give you a filling, well she had to remove a bigger section to make sure she got all the scar tissue). Anyway, now I have a bigger tear (but I don't have any scar tissue, that was all removed). It's my actual operation site that is tearing! I'm at my lowest point! :( I'm so stressed out! I don't sleep or eat worrying about this! I've lost weight! My boyfriend lives away right now and he knows I have issues but he doesn't realize the extent! And how much more damage has been done! I don't know what to do. I'm scared to get the full Fenton's in fear it will only make me tear even more!!! or even bigger!!!! (with a longer heal time). I don't really understand the procedure either? does it remove scar tissue and WIDEN the vagina so there is more space ( less stretching at the opening). Because this is what I need. Less stretching and friction at the opening. Can someone give me some advice? or has anyone ever had this done with success to help the issue of thin skin??? or tearing (without Child Birth)... Thanks!

December 30, 2013 - 6:28pm


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