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I wish it was just a case of "acne", then it can be treated. This disease is not something to take lightly, it's a huge problem to HS sufferers, especially in the later stages. Many people with HS have to go on disability because of the open sores that just won't close and are in such pain. Most of these sores are open past the dermis and far into the layers of the epidermis. That isn't acne. More research needs to be done on this disorder, not just call it "acne" and leave it at that. Did you find that many HS sufferers go around life being wrongly diagnosed for years? Did you know that we have to have forums and support groups so we can share with others what medicines, over the counter and by prescription,works the best?
I had HS while on birth control and off, I've had HS skinny overweight, and I have had HS while smoking and not. This is why more research needs to be done because not one person I have seen that does an article on HS have anything right.

April 16, 2012 - 12:13pm


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