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Thank you Rick for your comment and links to your FB group. You are obviously very knowledgeable and offer good leadership for the HS community 

I have been contacted by someone who is the administrator of one of the other FB groups to gather info to present a follow up article to discuss how HS has affected their lives, which I intend to write.

I write on many subjects and the scope of this article was to write a general overview about HS, which despite my missing of the latest info did bring awareness of this difficult condition to those who had never heard of it.

As in many conditions there is always more recent data that is not on mainstream sources, which clearly HS has that I was unaware of in writing this article.

What I do suggest is you all contact the Mayoclinc.com directly since certainly more people are reading about HS there than from my article. They write that HS is considered (note that means put in the category of type of care--not equal) a form of severe of acne and they list recommended treatment guidelines. Their article is dated 2010.

I apologize for not bringing out the amount of pain the condition has, which clearly is a large part of difficulty of having HS.

As a nurse, I wanted to make sure to include links to support groups, which are vital regardless of what chronic condition a person has, to allow them to find others afflicted or knowledeable medical care that may help them. I made a point of including how your organization, HSA has 24 hr hot line as well.   

Thanks again for taking time to report the latest info.  It is clear that HS, as with many chronic incurable illnesses, does not have a straightforward cause or treatment. 

Hopefully my next article will give more of a face to the lives of those who have HS. 


April 17, 2012 - 5:36am


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