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Wow! What a great (and timely) article. I am lucky enough to work from home and have for years. The good news is - I work from home. The bad news is - I work from home! I have had employers in the past who took advantage of that and expected after hours works because they knew I was still there at the "office." I've finally (after many years) come to a point where I'm confident enough to set the boundaries between work and home. Of course, there is a huge difference, between now and when I was younger trying to achieve a work-life balance. Before, I answered to someone else and was more hesitant about saying "no" since it could reflect poorly in job evaluations, bonuses, etc. It wasn't healthy to be thought of as someone who wasn't a team player. Positional power - whether real or perceived - had a lot to do with how much work/life balance I could reasonably implement. Now, I'm a full-time writer and all the work I do is on a contract basis. It's much easier to set the boundaries between work and home now that I'm the final authority.

April 18, 2012 - 7:28pm


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